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Learn one of the best careers in the world, from one of the best at it.  David "Nelly" Nelson shares his lifetime of experience and knowledge of surf & skate photography, having worked with the best surfers (& Skaters) on the planet, including Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Andy Irons, Kai Lenny, Nathan Fletcher, Christian Hosoi, Daryl "Flea" Virostko, "Barney," ...and everyone in between. He's also shot in legendary surf spots from nearly every corner of the globe, including Teahupo'o, J-bay, Pipeline, Mavericks, and has scored 96 magazine cover shots.
It is unclear which is more valuable to the student, Nelly's insight into the craft that he has mastered, or his love/passion for life... but you are sure to walk away with both, after taking this class.  This was one of our favorite courses to make, and we hope it is one of your favorite courses to take!
Recommended Ages: 14 and Up

Recommended Number of Credits: ​5- (equivalent to one semester)