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What Our Students Say

“What our students, teachers, and administrators are saying about Nexbooks...”
Inde S Student
The videos are very helpful and easy to understand, as well as the whole layout of the website. I really like how you can retake the quizzes if you don't get the score you want the first try, and you get to keep your best score.
Stacey B Teacher
I am absolutey loving your math program for two of my students. They are both doing very well.
Veronica V. Student
I think Nexbooks is awesome because the instructor gives simple but really helpful instructions and techniques. Additionally, he makes learning math easy and overall fun.
Brigitte Parent
For the past 18 years, I have taught my children through charter schools' independent study programs. I have discovered your program through scrutinizing the online courses of every single vendor that offers them through our charter school. Your courses appear to be head and shoulders above all the rest.

Frequently asked questions

Is Nexbook a school?
No, Nexbooks is not a school, and does not issue transcripts. We are a curriculum provider that can be used by homeschool families, or by schools and districts. We DO offer a certificate of completion that can be earned by a student when they finish a course, and a family or school can use that as a guide to build their own transcript.
Is Nexbook accredited?
No, only schools are accredited, not curriculum providers. We are a-g approved, however, by the UCOP, and schools can adopt our curriculum through the UCOP website, to be used for their students.
Who uses Nexbooks?
Nexbooks courses are used by homeschool families, charter schools, as well as traditional brick and mortar school districts. Our courses are used throughout the US and Internationally.
What does my subscription include?
Unlimited Courses, learn at your own pace!
What if I can’t login?
You can use the “lost my password” function to create a new password.
Does Nexbooks offer tutoring and academic support for classes?
No, we are similar to a textbook in that regard.
What age students take Nexbooks courses?
We have recommended ages for each course, but they are ONLY recommendations. Any age student is welcome to take our courses, if they feel as though they are ready and interested.
Are Nexbooks courses aligned with state and federal common core standards?
Our math course ARE aligned with state and federal common core standards. Our electives are often so cutting edge, that they expand beyond the scope of common core standards.
Can I take courses for credit recovery for my school?
Yes, they are designed for exactly that. However, you must first make sure that your school has or will approve the courses for their transcript. We’d be happy to speak with them upon your request.